5 Amazing Wedding Planner Books and Binders (All Undated)

Are you just starting to plan your wedding? Or are you feeling a bit lost determining what needs to be done before your wedding day? 

I know right now, it is scary trying to plan a wedding with the current state of the world and not really knowing when a wedding can take place.  However, it is recommended that the wedding planning start at least a year before the wedding anyway.  Hopefully by that time, we can enjoy being around large groups of friends and family again.

Keep reading below to learn what features all wedding planner books should include. Plus, 5 of the best wedding planner books that will help you plan your dream wedding, without the stress.

5 best wedding planner books

What should be included to be a perfect wedding planner book?

The most effective wedding planner book should include:

  • At least 12 undated calendar sheets
  • A breakdown of how much each expense should be out of your total budget (preferably by percentage)
  • Pockets or folders to store pamphlets, receipts, business cards, etc…..
  • Wedding planning checklist, which includes all important tasks, when they should be completed by and any small things that you may have otherwise forgotten
  • Plenty of space to write additional notes

What is the best wedding planner book available?

Having a wedding planner book or binder to keep all of your wedding details organized is so important.  It is beneficial to know roughly what you should be spending on each aspect of your wedding and what questions you should be asking your potential vendors. 

Being able to keep all important documents and notes in one place is very important to successful wedding planning.

The best wedding binder and 4 of the best wedding planner books, are included below.

The Best Wedding Planner Binder

The best wedding planner binder is the Forever and Always Wedding Planner by Purpletail.  

This binder/planner has approximately 200 pages to keep every aspect of your wedding organized.  It also has 24 pages of undated calendars, so if you are an early planner, you can begin using this planner 2 years before your wedding!

The binder is 8.5” x 11”.  It also comes with two folders to store any extra paperwork you receive.  If you don’t like the binder option, there are two other options, which are both spiral bound.  One is smaller at 6” x 8” and the other is 8.5” x 11”, which is the same size as the binder.

The Forever and Always Wedding Planner is large and thick, so is not the type of planner that you will easily be able to bring along with you.  If you are wanting to bring it to all of your wedding appointments, this may not work for you. 

However, it is the most versatile option because you have the freedom to remove any sheets you will not be using and add in anything that you want.  If you don’t like how the planner is organized, you can change it around to better suit your planning style.

I would highly recommend purchasing this planner, and having a small notebook to take with you to your appointments to write down helpful notes.  You can easily add these notes to the planner when you get back home.

The Benefits of Buying a Wedding Planner Binder Instead of a Book

One huge benefit of this planner is that it includes checklists based on what needs to be completed by what time frame.  So you will know what needs to be done 12 months prior, 3 months prior, the day of, etc…  This really takes the guesswork out of planning your special day. 

There is even a section to plan out your honeymoon, so it takes you beyond your wedding day!

The creator of the Forever and Always Wedding Planner has already taken into account all of the expenses that go into planning a wedding and has included each of those in the budget section. 

You can write down what you plan to pay (your budget) for each expense.  Followed by a section to write down the actual cost, so that you can easily determine if you stayed within your budget.  

There is also a payment tracker.  This is super important because many vendors require a down payment and then the full payment either on the day of the wedding or around that date.  So this allows you to keep track of any outstanding payments, so that you don’t lose track of them.  

It includes lots of space to keep track of vendors, such as the company making your cake, the DJ, the reception hall, etc…., so that you have all contact details and costs, all in one handy place.  

There is even a section where you can plan out your seating plan for the reception and where the tables will be set out.  

Summary of the Forever and Always Wedding Planner:

The Forever and Always Wedding Planner truly has everything you could ever ask for.  It is priced higher than some other planners, but with the value that you are getting out of it, you will not need to pay a wedding planner to assist in planning your wedding.  That is a HUGE savings!  

It comes with lots of checklists to make sure you’re not forgetting anything.  It really takes all of the stress out of planning a wedding.  The wedding planner is also nice to have as a keepsake that you can look back on to remember your special day.

The Top Four Amazing Spiral Bound Wedding Planner Books

The next 4 wedding planner books are all spiral-bound, so they are not as easy to customize.  They are all in the same price range and offer plenty of detail so that you don’t forget anything before your special day.

Luxury Wedding Planner by The Caledonia Design Co. 

The Luxury Wedding Planner book includes 230 pages, 14 tabbed sections, and 1 storage pocket.  The pages are all 5.5” x 8.25” and the cover on the planner is 7” x 8.75” x 1.5”.  This is a nice size to be able to bring with you to appointments.

With this planner, you have the option of 5 different hardcovers.  It comes with an elastic closure to keep everything safe inside and the cover wraps around the spiral bound pages to keep them from getting damaged.

This wedding planner book comes in a beautiful sturdy box, which you can use to store cards that you receive with gifts, receipts, business cards, pictures, whatever wedding related items you want.  This is a nice bonus feature, as it doesn’t add anything to the cost of the planner. 

The Luxury Wedding Planner is meant to be kept as a keepsake, so there are areas to go into detail about your engagement and wedding and include a few pictures from each event.

Details Inside the Planner

There are 14 calendar sheets which are undated, so you can write in the dates that pertain to your planning timeline.  This planner doesn’t leave out any detail. 

It includes many different countdown sheets so that you know exactly what needs to be completed and by what date.  There are additional sections for planning out your guest list, seating arrangements for the reception (up to 21 tables), budget sheets, and more.  

The guestlist section gives space to record each guest that was invited, their response along with meal choice (if required), their address to send thank you cards, what gifts were received from each person/couple/family and if a thank you card has been sent.  

There is only enough space to write down what wedding gifts were received.  I would recommend writing the bridal shower gifts on a separate piece of paper (or in the card received), so that you know what each person gave and can properly thank them.

The post wedding section is also very helpful.  There is still lots to do after the wedding is over, that people may forget, such as:

  • Sending out thank you notes (should be on top of the list)  
  • Getting ready for your honeymoon (making sure you have everything packed and somebody to watch your house while you’re gone, among other things)  
  • Getting your dress cleaned and maybe put in a beautiful keepsake box
  • Changing your last name (if you are doing that)
  • Choosing which pictures you want printed, and more……


The Luxury Wedding Planner basically checks everything off.  You are guaranteed to have everything in place for your wedding, so you won’t be stressing the day of. 

The only thing that would have made this planner better, was if there were more pockets to organize paperwork, receipts, business cards, any research you have done, etc….  Otherwise, it is perfect!

The Complete Wedding Planner by Your Perfect Day

The Complete Wedding Planner has 132 pages, which includes an 18-month undated countdown calendar, so you can begin using it any time.  Plus a 12-month checklist with everything you need to schedule and do before your big day.  It is one of the bigger planners at 9.5” x 11.5”.

There is a section to create your guest list and keep track of guest details and responses. There is also space to write down what gifts were received, so that you can send out thank you notes. 

It includes space for creating the seating plan for the reception.  Making sure you seat the right people together and where they are situated in the room can be stressful. So this feature helps out a lot!  The final seating plan will need to be provided to the reception hall.    

The Complete Wedding Planner helps you organize appointments with all potential and chosen vendors.  The vendor’s area provides useful questions that you can ask each of the vendors. 

That alone is gold because you don’t need to worry about forgetting to ask anything or asking the wrong questions. You should still prepare some other questions in addition to these.

The planner also goes past the wedding date and helps to plan the honeymoon and ensure that you don’t forget to pack what you will need or other important details.  

The creator of this planner, “Your Perfect Day” also provides an online resource to print out extra sheets, in case you make a mistake or something changes in the meantime.


The Complete Wedding Planner is absolutely beautiful and well made.  It doesn’t contain as many sheets as other planners; however, the detail is not lacking at all.  There are pockets to hold extra sheets, but they aren’t split out by category. 

Overall, this planner has pretty much everything you could need to plan your wedding. Bonus, it is beautiful enough to keep for many years after!

Simple Wedding Planner Notebook by Sand and Leaves

The Simple Wedding Planner Notebook is a nice size, at 8” x 6”. This is smaller than the other planners, making it nice to take along with you to appointments.  It has an elastic closure to keep everything safe inside.

It comes with two pockets to store extra information, such as receipts, business cards, dress swatches, etc. 

Since the planner is fairly simple looking, the creator has provided stickers to make it more colourful and allow you to personalize it.  The Simple Wedding Planner Notebook comes in a box, which makes it feel a little bit more high end and prevents it from being damaged during transport.

It includes a budget tracker, checklists and timelines to keep track of events leading up to the wedding. Also, a 12 month undated calendar, vendors information, ceremony and reception details, parties planner (such as stag and doe, bridal shower, etc), guest list and seating plan, and a section for planning your honeymoon.

This planner provides a lot of tips along the way to help you with your wedding planning. There is also a lot of space left open to fill in your own details.  So you are not limited to only following what the planner suggests.


The Simple Wedding Planner Notebook has everything you could want inside but remains smaller than most wedding planner books.  It is great if you are wanting a planner to bring along with you and it will keep everything organized.  It would be better if it had more pockets to store paperwork but overall it is a great planner.  

The Complete Wedding Planner by DayWorks Design

The Complete Wedding Planner is made with a hardcover. This makes it really sturdy for taking along with you and being able to write notes in.  The cover itself is fairly bland when compared to other wedding planner books. 

However, not everyone likes really ornate looking designs, so this is a great option if you want a simple design.  The planner is 10.24” x 8.39” x 1.3” overall.

This wedding planner book comes with 5 folders, which is amazing!  You will be collecting a lot of information from different vendors and doing your own research, so you really need lots of space to organize this information.

It only includes 5 tabs, which is less than other planners, but it still provides a lot of detail.  The sections included are “Keeping Track”, “Ceremony”, “Celebration”, “The Guests” & “The Big Day”.

There are 12 undated calendar sheets, countdown checklists leading up to the wedding day and lots of tips along the way to make sure you have checked everything off that you will need.

The Complete Wedding Planner helps you keep track of your budget and what was actually spent, preparing your guest list, whether thank you notes have been sent out, and more.


The Complete Wedding Planner provides the least out of the 5 options. It does still offer a lot of helpful tips and lots of space for planning out a wedding. Having additional folders is a huge benefit. 

One downside is that it only comes with calendar pages for 12 months. So if you are planning well in advance, this may not work as well for you.  The detail for the year leading up to the wedding is great though and provides lots of value.     

I hope this post has helped you find the best wedding planner book that you can use throughout your entire wedding planning journey!  Remember, planning a wedding is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, don’t let stress take over!

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