Tips for Storing Outgrown Baby Clothes for Your Next Child

If you are planning to have more children, hanging onto their outgrown baby clothes will save you a lot of money in the future. However, storing the clothing can be an issue if you don’t have a lot of extra space.

Store outgrown baby clothes in underbed storage bins, diaper boxes, plastic bins, or vacuum storage bags. These will give you a sturdy, stackable solution for storing clothes. Find a spot in your home away from temperature changes and dampness to keep the clothes smelling fresh and looking like new.

Keep reading below for tips on what clothing to keep for your next child, how to go about organizing and storing the clothing, and where to store the clothing in your home.

Should you keep outgrown baby clothes for future kids?

If you are planning to have more kids, you should definitely keep the clothing from your other child or children. Baby clothing can get expensive quickly, so if you know that you plan to have another baby, why get rid of perfectly good clothes just to have to go out and buy more later on?

Babies are often spitting up on themselves or having diaper blow-outs, which means their clothing will need to be changed often. So having lots of clothing on hand will be a huge help.

Creating a space in your home with the right organization solution for storing baby clothes makes it easy to hold onto all baby clothing from one child to the next. 

Once you have the next baby, then you can evaluate if it makes sense to keep those clothing items.

You may realize that some of the clothing has awkward buttons or doesn’t fit the way it should. Those should be donated, but make that decision after your new baby has tried on the clothing items.

Each baby is a different shape and size and therefore some outfits that didn’t fit one baby well, may look great on your next baby.

Clothing generally won’t go out of style in a matter of a couple of years. Plus, babies end up not even wearing half of what they have or maybe only wore it once or twice. So if clothing is in perfect condition and especially when they are gender-neutral, it most definitely worth holding onto.

outgrown baby clothing to keep

What to keep for the second baby

Babies generally need onesies, pajamas, socks, and a few outfits. They really don’t need all that much.

We usually end up with way more than what a baby will need, since people love giving baby clothing as a gift.

If you have the space to store the clothing, keep everything that is in decent shape. If there is anything that is stained or ripped badly, those should be thrown away.

However, for clothes that the baby will just wear around the house, some stains would be fine. As long as they are dressed and warm, that should be the top priority.

If you are only having one more child and you already know that the gender is different than your older child(ren). Just keep the gender-neutral clothing. Donate the rest or maybe you have a friend or family member that you could use the clothing.

Expect to receive even more clothing as gifts when the new baby is born.

It’s better to have too much clothing than not enough. Baby’s grow so quickly, that you won’t have to store the clothes for long. Once you are done having kids, then the clothing can be donated as soon as they no longer fit anyway.

How to store outgrown baby clothes for next baby

Before putting any of the clothes in storage, make sure to wash everything well.

Create boxes/bins with the sizes written on them before they are even needed.

If you prepare the boxes ahead of time, you will already have an organization system set up. You know exactly where everything will fit in your home. Then they just need to be filled as your other child/children outgrow them.

Generally, the sizes are newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-24 months.

I usually like to wash everything again before the next baby wears it, so it’s not super important if the clothes are folded perfectly. However, it will take up less space in the container if the clothes are folded.

Put a dryer sheet in the container to keep the clothes more fresh while they are being stored away.

Baby clothes storage bins and boxes

The best storage bins you can use for storing baby clothes are diaper boxes. They fit a lot of baby clothing, and you can write the size of clothes on the side of the box. They also stack nicely when stored on the floor.

store baby clothes in diaper boxes

You will also go through many diaper boxes (if using disposable diapers). So the boxes are readily available and you don’t have to spend anything extra to get them.

If you are looking for something more sturdy, clear plastic bins with lids are also a great option. They hold a lot of baby clothing and can be stacked.

Underbed storage bins can easily be pushed under a crib or your bed to store clothes that the baby can grow into.

Vacuum storage bags for baby clothes

The Ziploc space bags are great for storing a large number of baby clothes. Out of all of the storage solutions, this option will save the most space when storing outgrown baby clothes.

If you get the large bags, you should be able to fit all clothing in one size range in that bag.

Attach a vacuum cleaner hose and turn on the vacuum to suck all of the air out of the bag. This compresses the clothing considerably, which makes it easy to store the clothing under a bed or on a shelf.

Baby clothes storage labels

The clothing should already be sorted and in bins/bags based on the size. Now you will want to label the box, bin and/or bag, with the size of clothing that you are storing in them.

A label maker is a quick way to type out the different sizes of clothing and print them out to stick to the side of the bins.

Or you could just use a Sharpie marker directly on the side of the diaper boxes. Even a simple strip of masking tape stuck to the side of the box with the size written on it would work and is less likely to rub off. 

There are also chalk labels that typically come with a chalk pen that you can write the sizes on. These can then be reused in the future for other storage needs.

You can also purchase labels from Amazon that already have the sizes on them. These would look beautiful on the side of clear plastic bins.

Where to store the baby clothing

In a bedroom closet

This could be in your closet, your future baby’s closet, or maybe you have another closet not being used in your home. There is generally a shelf at the top of the closet where the boxes of clothing could be stored.

If you have a large closet in the master bedroom, or there is an empty closet, stack the bins or diaper boxes on the floor of the closet. Put the largest sized clothing towards the back of the closet, or the bottom of the bin pile.

The smallest clothing should be stored at the top/front. This way you can easily grab that bin/box when your baby needs that size of clothing. 

Under a bed

There are great underbed storage options that can hold more than just clothes. Since baby clothes are small, these bins can be used to store many baby clothing items and easily slide under a bed. Then they are out of sight until you need them.

The space under the bed is underutilized. But it’s actually the perfect space to store items that aren’t used as often or that won’t be needed for a while.

store outgrown clothes in a dresser

In a Dresser

If you have an extra room in your home that will be used as the future nursery, you may already have a dresser set up in that room. If so, store the clothes right in the dresser. You can still give the clothing a fresh wash before the baby arrives if you prefer.

If you have an extra dresser or cabinet in your home that isn’t currently being used, that could be temporary storage until you move the clothing into the baby’s room.

Finished Attic

If you have a fully finished attic that you are using as living space, use that space the same as you would any closet in your home. You can use the same bins or boxes to put the clothing into and store away.

However, if your attic is susceptible to the outdoor temperatures and moisture, do not store them in the attic. You don’t want the clothing growing mold on them or taking on a strange smell.

Hall closet / Linen Closet

If you have a linen closet in your hallway that isn’t fully utilized, the top shelf would be another great place to store baby clothes temporarily. 

The Ziploc space bags that were mentioned earlier in this post can lay flat one on top of the other on the top shelf.

Saving baby clothes for grandchildren

Do not save clothes for your grandchildren. 

Clothing styles change a lot over the years. By the time you have grandchildren, that’s likely not what your kids are going to want their kids to wear.

Babies get a lot of clothing anyways, so saving clothes is just a waste of space in your own home. In general, don’t hold onto anything that isn’t being used currently.

If clothes are just sitting in boxes for many years, the clothes are also likely to take on a funky smell or even grow mold.

It may seem like a nice gesture to have clothes that your kids wore to pass down to their children. But your children don’t have the same sentiment. So it’s best to just let the clothes go.

storing outgrown baby clothes pin

In Summary

Holding onto clothes for your next baby is a great idea as long as you have space to store it. Sometimes certain clothing pieces have memories attached to them. Or it was just an outfit that you loved on your baby. So being able to put that outfit on your next baby will bring you joy.

I hope this post has helped come up with different ways that you can store outgrown baby clothes for your future baby!

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