Best Kitchen Organization Products Under $50

Having an organized kitchen is so important but finding the right kitchen organization products that can make everything flow well without spending a lot of money can be a challenge.

In this post, I have compiled 12 kitchen organization products that have helped to get my kitchen in great shape. And the best part? All of these organizers are under $50.

1. Lazy susan

Lazy susans are great for organizing many different items through out the home. Not just in the kitchen.

I use one for cleaning products, another for medicine, and I also have one in the fridge to store our water, juice, milk, etc… on so that we don’t have to shift everything around constantly.

lazy susan for fridge

The lazy susan above makes it so much easier to have access to everything that would typically be shoved into the back of the fridge.

It is quite large at 18″, so I am able to fit everything we are currently drinking around the edge and then when we have extra milk or juice, those go in the middle until we use up the milk or juice that is currently open.

The lazy susan below is the Copco non-skid lazy susan and I have multiple of these. They are 12″ and are small enough to fit into tighter spaces but can still hold a nice quantity of different products.

small lazy susan for organizing

There are also two-tier lazy susans that would be great for storing canned goods in the pantry or they could also work well for spices or medicine and vitamins.

2. Drawer Dividers

I use the bamboo drawer dividers displayed below in a drawer to separate larger utensils, such as tongs, ladles, mixing spoons, BBQ tools, and more.

drawer dividers for large kitchen utensils

Make sure that you measure the depth of the drawer before choosing the drawer dividers, as they do come in different sizes.

The dividers have a spring mechanism that allows you to pull back on the spring-loaded end and then once it’s in the preferred spot in your drawer, release it. This will give a secure tension against the front and back of the drawer so it stays in place.

These drawer dividers have been very sturdy and don’t budge at all. The nice thing about drawer dividers is that you get to choose how much space you want in between each of them so that you can fit larger utensils and cooking tools. Where the typical utensil trays aren’t as flexible.

3. Plate/bowl holders

Plate and bowl holders can be used in either a cabinet or a drawer, but I use mine in a drawer so that the bowls and plates don’t shift around as much when the drawer is being opened and closed.

plate and bowl holders

My holders came from Ikea but Amazon has very similar options, such as the E-Room Trend Dish Holders.

These can be used for different size plates and bowls. The E-Room Trend dish holder has an expanding mechanism so that you can fit your plates and bowls in perfectly.

They also work well when you are having company over and want to bring a large number of plates and bowls to the table. You can just leave them right in the holders and people can grab their own plate or bowl from there.

4. Pot lid holders

Pot lid holders are essential for keeping your lids organized and separate from each other. Particularly for lids that have glass in them. If you have glass lids stacked on top of each other, there is a chance that they could break.

pot lid organizer

Even the metal lids can dent, so it’s nice to be able to keep them separate.

I use the Ikea Variera Pot Lid Organizer which can hold 6 lids and it has worked really well for me. They are fairly compact and stretch out to fit thicker lids.

The Ikea organizer comes with two pot lid organizing units for additional storage.

5. Bamboo utensil tray

Bamboo utensil trays are great for your everyday utensils; spoons, forks, knives, and any smaller items such as can openers, potato peelers, bottle openers, and more.

The bamboo trays from Amazon can expand to fully fill in your drawer for the most organizing space possible.

This one also includes knife blocks so that you can keep all of your sharp knives in the same drawer.

They also just look really pretty when opening up the drawer.

6. Cookie Sheet / Cutting Board Holder

I have always preferred to store my cutting boards, cookie sheets, and muffin trays above the pantry, but they were just falling down and were hard to see.

So this bakeware rack organizer has been a great addition to my kitchen. It’s easy to put together. You can choose how far apart or close you want the separators. Then easily push the cutting boards and cookie sheets into the slots.

baking sheet, cutting board organizer

The unit keeps everything upright and easy to see. It works well above the pantry, since the cabinet is up fairly high. I no longer have issues with a cutting board falling down and not being able to see it without getting a stool.

7. Bins for Baking Products

These airtight food storage containers are great for many different baking items and food.

kitchen organization products for baking goods

I loved them so much that I purchased another set.

Each set comes with 1 larger container (not included in the picture above) which I use for spaghetti noodles. The large container from the second set holds my kid’s Goldfish cracker treats.

The smaller containers are used for items such as quick oats, baking soda, protein powder, baking powder, coconut, etc.

The medium size containers work well for small marshmallows, rice, icing sugar, and sugar. They would also work well for nuts, smaller crackers; such as, Teddy Grahams, veggie crackers, Ritz crackers, etc.

The containers seal nicely and they are easy for my kids to open and close. They are also easy to clean.

8. Tiered Holder for Spices

This expandable tiered spice rack allows you to fill in your cabinet space better to make the most use of the storage space. It also looks beautiful!

The spice rack creates a beautiful space to display your spices so that you don’t have pull everything out of the cabinet and sort through your spices. You can easily see what you have, and when the spaces are getting low and should be repurchased.

9. Tiered Plate/Bowl for Upper Cabinets

These tiered plate/bowl organizers are great for adding levels in your upper cabinets so that you can use the space more effectively.

You can easily put bowls on top and plates underneath or you could use it for mugs and glasses, among many other dish combinations.

This works well for kitchens that don’t have a lot of cabinet space. It fully uses the vertical space in cabinets which is often just wasted space.

You could even use these on your countertop for storing plates, bowls or mugs, if you are lacking space in your cabinets.

10. Plastic Bins for Fridge or Pantry

The plastic bin organizers displayed below are great for both the fridge and the pantry.

I use them in my fridge for storing yogurt and fruit juices. I like to remove most products from their original packaging and put them in these bins so that my kids can just easily grab them when they want a juice drink or yogurt.

This set also comes with an egg holder. So I get rid of the carton that the eggs came in, which can get damp and damaged in the fridge and put them directly into the plastic holder.

plastic bins for fridge and pantry

The bins keep the fridge more organized and looking neat. Plus, if anything spills, the mess is contained in the bins. They are also really easy to clean.

In the pantry, I store my kid’s snacks in them. They are actually much bigger than they appear and hold a decent amount of snack food.

Again, I remove the snacks from the boxes that they came in and put them directly into the bins. It makes it quick to grab a snack and keeps everything in one space in the pantry drawer.

11. Canned Goods Organizer

The storing canned goods. It holds many cans and can be stacked like the picture below or split and stored side by side.

The cans lay on their side and roll forward when a can is removed. Similar to the system used in a grocery store.

Also, because there is space between the levels, it is easy to see what is currently stored there and when you need to replace any of your canned goods.

12. Standard Bins

Finally, standard bins are great for organizing pretty much anything. I use them under my kitchen sink, in my pantry, I use them to hold vitamins, and much more throughout the kitchen and the rest of my home.

I love the woven look baskets. They are well made and look really pretty if you want to use them in a space that is more visible in the kitchen.

It’s nice to have a variety of sizes, so in addition to the medium size woven baskets, I also like using smaller baskets for storing different size items.

best kitchen organization products under $50


Organizing products don’t have to expensive to be effective. All of the products listed in this post work well to keep everything organized in the kitchen and make it easier to locate and quickly grab when you need them.

No more searching for a certain dish or cutting board when you are trying to cook a meal. No more having to move everything around to get to the items at the back of the cabinet.

I hope you love these products as much as I do! Enjoy your organized kitchen!

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