Review of the 2021 Erin Condren LifePlanner – Vertical Layout

Are you looking for an amazing planner for 2021 that you can customize and create a beautiful space for all important dates and reminders? The 2021 Erin Condren LifePlanner™ may be exactly what you are looking for!

review of the 2021 Erin Condren LifePlanner

I have tried many different planners over the years, and most of them worked okay but didn’t meet every need. I was looking for a planner where I could keep everything on track and organized. I’m excited to say that I have found a planner that meets all of my expectations!

Keep reading below to learn more about what the Erin Condren LifePlanner has to offer.

What You Will Find Inside the Erin Condren Planner

This review is specifically about the Wild Flowers Vertical Layout LifePlanner, which I purchased directly from the Erin Condren website.

Now, let’s jump into the details of this beautiful planner.

Unboxing of the Erin Condren LifePlanner

Box with planner in it

When you receive the planner, it will be packaged in this beautiful blue box, which it can be stored in when not in use.

The box also keeps it safe while shipping or if you are giving this planner as a gift, it can be wrapped right in the box. 

Inside the box, the planner is wrapped in beautiful blue wrapping paper.

Unboxing LifePlanner

The front and back cover are laminated and the paper quality is amazing!

LifePlanner™ Specifications

Size of the LifePlanner

The LifePlanner™ is advertised as 7” wide x 9” long.

I measured the individual pages at 7” wide x 8.75” long. The planner itself from the edge of the coil to the edge of the cover is 8” wide x 9.4” long. It is 0.75” thick.

This gives a better idea of the full size of the planner. It is a really great size because it is large enough to write everything you need in it but small enough to easily take along with you.

Quality of the LifePlanner

The paper is a nice thickness and has a soft texture, making it more enjoyable to write in. I have tested out a few pages with different types of pens and markers and haven’t had any bleedthrough. 

On the inside of both the front and the back laminated covers, there is a writing pad where you can use dry erase markers for making notes that you quickly want to access. Erin Condren also sells dry erase markers that work well on these pages.

dry erase pads on the front and back covers

Having this space is wonderful because it can easily be wiped off and will therefore use less paper so that the rest of the planner can be used for more important tasks, recurring appointments, and more.

I also personally love the coil so that you can flip the cover back on itself, which gives a more solid surface to write on. The coil is also really thick and installed well, so that the pages will not fall out and get damaged.

The LifePlanner™ is also available in a binder, which doesn’t allow for flipping it on itself, but it does allow for removing sheets and putting in different sheets to make it even more customizable. Erin Condren sells extra planner sheets for these binders or you could insert your own planner pages into the binder.

The planner also has tabs for each month, which are laminated and very sturdy. They are also very easy to read and quickly flip to the section that you want.

This planner also includes a folder at the back to hold any extra paper that you may have. This could include motivational notes, business cards, sticky notes, extra stickers and so much more. The folder is thick and has pockets on each side so that extra paper can be stored on both sides.

Calendar Details

There is a two-page spread that gives a quick view of 18 months. In my planner, it includes July 2020 through December 2021. 

18 month yearly review spread

Each month provides a two-page spread of the monthly calendar and a section for notes, followed by a lined sheet for extra notetaking and then a page for creating to-do lists, goals, tracking habits, etc.

Monthly spread and Monthly Checklists from the Erin Condren LifePlanner

Then it gets into the daily vertical pages. Each day has three blocks in vertical format for writing down the important tasks for that day followed by a lined block for extra notes.

Vertical weekly spread from the LifePlanner

The vertical pages are all included one after the other for the full month without any other pages in between. So you are not having to flip around trying to find the date that you need. The planner flows nicely to allow you to track everything easily.

Towards the back of the planner, you will find a two-page spread showing the year ahead so that you can quickly see what day of the week a certain day falls on, which allows for easier planning for long-term goals and appointments.

Extra Details Included in the LifePlanner

Lots of Space to Write Notes

Something else that I really love about this planner is that it comes with a lot of extra note taking paper. Many planners really miss the mark on this. 

While the main goal is to write down appointments, tasks, and reminders. It is also really important to be able to write important notes that may require more space and be able to keep it all neatly in one place.

Use the extra paper as a journal. For tips on how to use your planner as a planner and a journal, I have another post.

There is also a spread that gives 12 boxes for writing down your goals for the year to keep yourself accountable.

Goals pages from Erin Condren LifePlanner

This planner also includes a contacts page for writing down important names, numbers and addresses that you want to keep track of.

Stickers for Making Dates/Notes Stand Out

This planner comes with four pages of stickers. Which can be used just to make the planner even more beautiful or more to your liking. Or they can also be used to make certain appointments or goals stand out more on the page for easier tracking.

The picture below shows some of the stickers, but there are also blank stickers to write on, cute pictures, and scripts. They are beautiful colours and of great quality.

stickers in the Erin Condren LifePlanner - Vertical Layout

Motivational Quotes

Throughout the planner, there are many pages that have motivational quotes on them to keep you motivated throughout the year. The quotes are each set on a beautiful background. The background and colours change for each of the motivational quote pages.

The design and paper quality is so great that some of these quotes could be removed from the planner. Then you can put them into a picture frame and hang them up in your house to see them beyond 2021. 

Additional Items Available

When you go to the Erin Condren website, you will see many different planner options, designs, notepads, bags, pens, markers, and many more items. You can truly get any type of planning item you may need to start off the year successfully.

You will also receive a few extra items with your first order. I received gift tags and some motivational cards.

Selecting Your Erin Condren Planner

If you are interested in purchasing a LifePlanner™, keep reading below for details about how to choose your personalized planner.

On the Erin Condren website, go under the Planners & Books category where you will find the LifePlanner™ section.

Erin Condren website screenshot - choosing planner

After you click on LifePlanner™, you will have the option to select from many different covers. 

Take some time to look through each cover option. As there are so many, you may fall in love with more than one!

Now click on the cover that you want. This will take you to a page where you can select custom colours for your cover.

Yes, you read that right! It will keep the same design that you chose, but you can entirely change the colours to match your preference! I haven’t found any other planners where you can modify so much to make it your own.

Erin Condren website screenshot - Personalization

You will also have the option to change the colour of the coil. The options are platinum, gold, rose gold, or black. The default colour is platinum.

If you really want to take personalization to another level, you can even get your name printed on the front cover!

Erin Condren website screenshot - Choosing preferences

Each item you add to personalize your planner will add to the price. But this is a product that you are going to be using every single day for the next year. So making it entirely yours will make it more enjoyable and therefore more likely to actually use on a daily basis.

If you are excited to purchase an Erin Condren planner or other planning accessories, you can sign up for the EC Insider Program and you will receive a $10 off of your next order!


I hope you have found this review of the 2021 Erin Condren LifePlanner™ in the vertical layout to be helpful. You truly can’t go wrong with this planner. No details have been left out and the quality and personalization options are amazing! Enjoy!

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