How to Declutter and Organize Gift Wrap, Tissue Paper, and Gift Bags

Do you frequently purchase new gift wrap, tissue paper, gift bags, and bows without realizing that you already have lots? Or do you save wrapping supplies from other gifts to use for future gifts and have no idea how to keep them organized?

In order to properly organize gift wrap, tissue paper, and other wrapping supplies, you will need to declutter to get rid of anything you will not use or re-use. Then you can begin creating a space and a solution to organize gift wrap and all other wrapping supplies.

What Gift Wrap / Wrapping Paper to Keep

Gift wrap is often in a roll, which is easier to keep neat. However, there can still be too much of it. Look through the rolls of gift wrap and see if there are any that are ripped or faded. Those should be recycled. 

For everything else, determine if you still love the paper and if you will use it again. Christmas paper can sometimes be purchased in a variety pack, which is great. However, often there are one or two rolls that just aren’t very nice. 

If you know you would never wrap a gift in that paper, you can donate it if it hasn’t been used. If it has been used, either give it to the kids for crafts or recycle it.

Chances are you will have different wrapping paper based on occasion, Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, etc. Separate those out and choose to keep 4-5 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, and 1-2 each for all other occasions.

Also determine how likely it is that you will use that occasion’s gift wrap again. If there are no more babies coming for a long time, you likely don’t need to keep the baby wrapping paper.

For all other wrapping paper that you are going to keep, put an elastic around each one individually to keep the paper from unraveling and set them aside for now.

how to organize gift wrap, tissue paper, bows and more

Tips to Declutter Tissue Paper and Gift Bags

It’s a good idea to keep 4-6 sheets of each colour of tissue paper. As this is often how much you would use for one gift.

Go through your tissue paper and throw out any that is ripped, discoloured, or really badly crumpled. Tissue paper isn’t expensive to replace, so only keep what would look nice in another gift.

If you have tissue paper still in the original packaging and you don’t think you would use the tissue paper, maybe you bought it for a particular person or occasion and ended up not using it. These can be donated and will be greatly appreciated by somebody else.

For gift bags, make sure you have a variety of bags to cover birthdays, Easter, Christmas, baby showers, bridal showers, etc… so that you are prepared for any event.  Keep 2-3 of each size for each occasion.

Throw out any that are ripped. If you are going to donate some that are still in good shape, make sure to remove the tag if it has a name written on it.

Are Bows Worth Saving?

Bows should not be used again, as they will no longer be sticky and don’t look as attractive when taped on a gift. It will be clear to whoever you are giving the gift to that you are reusing a bow.

Even new bows can easily get crumpled. The whole point of bows is to make the gift look more beautiful. So you are unlikely to slap a bow on a gift that looks awful. Used bows should go right in the trash.

New bows should be stored in their own box so that they will not get stepped on or crushed under something else. Make sure the sticky part is still fully covered so that you know it will stick properly when you go to use it on a gift. 

Solutions to Organize Gift Wrap, Tissue Paper, Bows, and Gift Bags

How to Organize Gift Wrap

For rolls of wrapping paper, there are many great organizers that work very well to keep it all contained.

  1. The first wrapping paper storage option can hold approximately 12 standard size rolls. There is a section at the top for holding bows and tape. It stands vertically, so doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.
organize gift wrap

2. The next option is a long container with a lid that zips closed. It would work well up on a shelf, under your bed, or stored under the clothes that are hanging in your closet. 

This organizer can hold 18-24 standard size rolls of gift wrap. It also has extra space for ribbon within the container.

organize gift wrap

There is also a spot to store some tissue paper or small gift bags in the lid. One other benefit is that it has elastic straps to hold all of the paper in place.

3. Another great option is a shelf like the one below which is made for storing plastic wrap, foil, etc. in the kitchen. But could also go on a wall in a closet or craft room to hold wrapping paper.

organize gift wrap

Put 2-3 side by side for even more storage.

This option uses wall space but doesn’t protrude too far into the room, so takes up a fairly small footprint in the room. It also makes it easy to see what gift wrap you have and you can quickly grab what you need.

DIY Option

If you prefer a DIY option, you could buy boards of wood. Cut a piece the length and depth that you want the shelf. Use nails to attach the sides to the bottom and then make 3-4 slats along the front.

This gives the option of making the unit as large as you need based on how much paper you want to store. The paper can then be stored vertically in the shelving unit.

4. These round gift wrap holders are great if you frequently wrap gifts in another area of your home other than where the paper is stored. It has a handle similar to a duffle bag which makes it easy to carry to the place where you wrap your gifts.

organize gift wrap

5. A nice, sturdy garbage bin is also a great solution. The example below is 14” high, about half the height of standard rolls of gift wrap. It allows you to easily see what is in the bin but will keep it stable enough so that it doesn’t need to lean up against anything.

organize gift wrap

6. These hanging storage solutions are great for storing all types of wrapping supplies. It can either be hung up from the clothing rod in a closet or it could hang on the back of a door from a hook.

organize gift wrap

7. For rolls of wrapping paper that you use frequently, purchase curtain rods and attach them to a wall, one on top of the other with about 8” in between each. Then when you want to use them, you just have to pull on the roll, cut off the length that you want and then the remainder of the roll is already put away!

Extra Tip:

For easier access, buy several wrapping supplies organizers so that you can separate your paper out by occasion. Then you won’t have to sort through Christmas paper when wrapping for birthdays. Make sure to label the bins with the occasion.

Storage Solutions for Gift Bags of All Sizes

For gift bags, consider putting several hooks on a wall in your closet or in your craft room. The bags can then be hung from the hangers by the handles/strings on the bags.

If you are planning to lay the gift bags flat in a drawer or on a shelf, using large paper clips or paper clamps will keep them flatter and together. Otherwise, they will be sliding all over and will just end up in a jumbled mess.

Clip them together based on the size and occasion. So all small Christmas bags should be clipped together. All birthday bags can go together, all baby shower bags together, etc.

Once they are clipped together, you could even store them in a container so that they are in a more structured storage unit. Then they can go on the top shelf in your closet and other items can be stacked on top of it.

How to Sort Tissue Paper for Easy Access

Store in a Bin

For tissue paper the easiest solution is to fold the tissue paper nicely and put them in a small to medium size bin. Store the tissue paper with the folded edge up.

Sort the tissue paper by colour inside of the bin. This way you can easily take inventory of how much you have. You can also easily see which colours you have and quickly get what you need when wrapping gifts.

Sort in an Accordion File

If you want an even more organized solution, these portable expanding accordion file organizer will keep the tissue paper separated and less likely to get damaged. It also makes it quick to take the envelope to your wrapping station and select what you need as you are wrapping.

Use an Over the Door Organizer

An over the door “shoe” organizer works well for so many different items. This could be a great option for tissue paper, tape, ribbon, bows, gift tags, and more small items.

For tissue paper, consider using the bottom two rows and cut the bottom out of the 2nd row from the bottom. Then you can roll the tissue paper up and slide it into the slot for more support.

Store in a Tiered Desk Organizer

A tiered desk organizer also works well for storing tissue paper. They often come with 5 sections, so you can sort by colour and have five different colours to choose from. The organizer below comes in a pack of 2 for even more storage.

Where to Store Bows to Avoid Damage

Bows are tricky because they can get damaged so quickly. If you don’t have a container with a bow storage section, the most cost-effective solution is to use a shoebox or another small/medium size box. Put the bigger bows at the bottom and the smallest on top, to avoid them getting squished.

Put a piece of paper between the layers to keep them separated. This will make it easier to find, since the smaller bows tend to fall in between the larger bows.

If you are fortunate enough to have a crafting room, a small drawer in a desk or dresser unit would be a great place to store bows.

Where to Buy Supplies for a Great Price

Wrapping paper for birthdays and gift bags in general can be purchased at any “Dollar” store. Don’t spend the money buying these from other stores that mark up the prices considerably. They are the same quality and not worth shelling out more money.

For Christmas wrapping paper, stores like Walmart have great sales closer to Christmas. They have large rolls, which will last a long time. Or you can get a pack with 4-8 different Christmas papers in them for reasonably priced.

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In Summary

It is great to store additional wrapping supplies so that you don’t have to run out last minute when wrapping gifts. All of the loose wrapping paper, tissue, bows, and more can get out of hand quickly.

So coming up with the best solution for organizing all of your supplies will make taking inventory of your supplies much faster. You will also feel better knowing that you will always have what you need on hand.

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