write down goals and tasks in a monthly planner

What to Write in a Monthly Planner: 9 Ideas of What to Add

Monthly planners can be used for a variety of purposes, such as tracking monthly goals, tasks, and activities. Or even keeping track of your monthly expenses, savings, and income. Keep reading below for 9 ideas for what to write in a monthly planner for a more successful month. 1. Monthly tasks Many people track what…

save time at home

15 Things You Can Do to Save Time at Home Every Day

Do you ever feel like time is just slipping away and that there’s never enough time to get everything done? Luckily, there are simple things that you do to accomplish more every day. Keep reading for 15 ideas on how to save time at home. 1. Make a list of what you want to accomplish the…

digital planner front view

Pros and Cons of Digital Planners

Are you trying to decide whether to go with a digital planner or a paper planner for your next planner purchase? There are positives and negatives to using both types of planners. Keep reading below for a full list of the pros and cons of using a digital planner. Pros of Using a Digital Planner…

monthly spread in Erin Condren LifePlanner

Pros and Cons of Using a Paper Planner

Paper planners are now considered the “old-school” way of writing down appointments, to-do lists, reminders, and more. However, they are still very valid even in this world of electronic devices with every imaginable scheduling app you could ever want. As with anything, there are pros and cons to using a paper planner. Using a paper…

daily planner

13 Ideas for What To Put in Your Daily Planner

A daily planner can be great for tracking small details of each day, right down to the hour. But that often means the planner is thick and has so many details that it can easily become overwhelming. Daily planner pages are broken down into hours, which is great for writing down meetings, appointments, and reminders….

The Real Difference Between a Planner and a Journal

Are you wanting to keep track of important dates or maybe write down your thoughts and special moments each day so that you have something to look back on? Both a planner and a journal can be good tools to accomplish these goals. A paper planner contains daily, weekly, and/or monthly spreads with dates to…