9 of the Best Underbed Storage Options – 2021 Reviews

Are you having a hard time keeping your clothes organized all year?  Or how about extra comforters, shoes, toys??  If you have clothes that you only wear in the winter or that you only wear in the summer, there is no reason to keep those in prime dresser space or closet spots all year round.  

Consider moving all items that you do not use on a regular basis to containers under your bed.  

If you are looking for the best options out there, look no further!  I have provided a list of 9 amazing underbed storage options below with full reviews.

underbed storage options

The Top 3 Under Bed Options Are:

How the Top Three Were Determined

In order to make the top three, the price per container, the durability, the function and the size were all taken into consideration.  

For the size, I was looking for containers that would fit under most beds, which would typically be under 7-8″ from the floor to the bottom of the box-spring.

I also considered having spacers in between the shoes to be a benefit, for shoe specific containers.  It’s not a deal breaker, but if you are moving the storage unit in and out frequently, there is a chance that the shoes will rub together. 

Keep in mind: You should always measure the space that you have to be sure that you are ordering the best size for your situation.  That doesn’t only include the height.  Measure the total usable space under your bed.  You may be able to fit 4-6 boxes if you wanted!

Keep reading below for the full review of all 9 under bed storage containers in the order of their ranking.

#1: Low Profile Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

These are shallow underbed storage organizer units, so they can fit under pretty much any bed.  

They are advertised as made for shoes, but the inserts can be removed so that you can use them to store blankets, toys, sweaters, etc….  Each of the two units can fit up to twelve women’s size 12 shoes or up to twelve men’s size 11 shoes.  Anything bigger will have to be stored horizontally, but won’t fit as many.

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 30” x 24.5” x 4.5”

Item Weight: 2.5 lbs each

Manufacturer: storageLAB

Material: Linen fabric


  • Comes with a cover that can be closed with the zipper, which keeps out the dust and protects the items inside
  • The cover is clear, allowing you to see what is inside
  • Reinforced sides keep the bin sturdy
  • Can be used to store items somewhere other than under the bed, if desired
  • Separators are attached with Velcro, so the shoe areas can be modified based on the size of your shoes
  • Has handles to easily pull the bins out from under the bed easily


  • If you have a bed with lots of space under it, these bins wouldn’t fully use the space, so larger bins would be better


This was chosen as the # 1 underbed storage unit because the quality was great and the price wasn’t inflated to make up for that.  Also, buying a shoe organizer where there are separators but that can be removed are a huge bonus.  Then you have option of whether you want to store shoes, or keep the separators out and store many other items.

It was also hard to find many negative aspects about this container.

#2: HOONEX Linen Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer 

amazon.com/gp/product/B07WTYR43Y/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B07WTYR43Y&linkCode=as2&tag=planningwi0ef-20&linkId=a8b4400e2553a9283fae3ba2df685e58(opens in a new tab)

The per container price is less if you buy the set of 2 as opposed to just 1 container.

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 32” x 24.5” x 5.3”

Item Weight: 4.2 lbs per unit

Manufacturer: Hoonex

Material: Linen Fabric


  • This unit is bigger, so can fit two pairs of 12” shoes in two separate sections
  • It is sturdy and has adjustable sections that can be changed and attached with velcro
  • There is a clear cover that can be pulled over the shoes, to keep dust out and then sealed with a metal zipper
  • It also comes with leather handles for pulling the unit back out from under the bed
  • With the shoe separators removed, other items can be stored in them as well
  • These units are flexible, due to being cardboard and fabric material, so you may be able to squeeze a bit more in than you would in a plastic unit


  • If you are planning to use this unit on a shelf instead of under your bed, you may have issues lifting the unit
  • The bottom is fairly flexible, so it’s best to put something flat and supportive under it before attempting to lift it onto a shelf


This was chosen as the # 2 underbed storage unit because the quality was great.  It is one of the more expensive ones per unit, but still not too expensive. 

Similar to the first, it can be a shoe organizer with separators or used without them for any other items.

#3: Homenery Under Bed Storage Plastic Fabric

This package comes with two underbed storage containers.  One has a clear side window and the other has a fully clear top.

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 33” x 19.7” x 6.3”

Item Weight: 1 lb each

Manufacturer: Homenery

Material: Polyester fabric


  • The 4 sides are reinforced with paperboard, which makes the bins more sturdy and will not collapse on you when trying to fill it
  • There are 3 handles, one on each side and one on the front
  • The handles are attached vertically instead of horizontally, which is a more natural way to grab the handles when pulling the bins out from under the bed
  • These bins are water-resistant, which shouldn’t be a concern if they are under your bed, but if you are taking them anywhere that they could come into contact with water, this is a huge bonus
  • They can also be stored on a shelf and stacked
  • Easy to slide under the bed


  • Only available in one colour
  • Can be used for shoes, but it does not come with the separators to prevent damage when moving the bin around
  • The bottom is not reinforced


For use under the bed, this storage containers are perfect.  They can fit many different items and they are easy to push and pull from under the bed.

#4: Sterilite 56 Qt./53 L Wheeled Latching Box Clears

The plastic bin options seem to be few and far between, but I wanted to include one as an option.  This set comes with 4 storage units.  They are definitely more structured and stable than the fabric bins, but they don’t have any stretch to them.  So if you are wanting to store something with a different shape or larger than the space provided in the bin, that won’t be possible.

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 33.88 x 18.75 x 7 inches

Item Weight: 1.3 lbs each

Manufacturer: Sterlite Corporation

Material: Plastic


  • They are strong and structured
  • This particular brand has wheels on it, which would make it really easy to push under the bed and pull back out
  • The base is clear, so it’s easy to see what is inside the bin
  • These containers have latches
  • Plastic bins are easier to stack, if you are wanting to store them on a shelf


  • Plastic doesn’t allow everything that’s inside to breathe, so the clothes or blankets may take on the smell of the plastic
  • Some customers received damaged bins, but were able to get them replaced
  • They could potentially break during transport if not packaged properly


The quality is pretty standard for plastic bins.  Underbed storage containers are not used as frequently as other types of bins, so this set would be great for underbed storage purposes.  The structure and ability to stack elsewhere made the plastic bins a good option.

#5: iwill CREATE PRO Under Bed Storage Container

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 27.5” x 15.6” x 7”

Item Weight: 1.8 lbs

Manufacturer: iwill

Material: Linen


  • The cover is closed with a zipper and it keeps the dust and bugs away from the items inside.
  • Cover is fairly flexible but the bin overall is quite stable
  • There are handles on three sides of the bin making it easy to pull out from under the bed
  • The manufacturer also offer a bin that is the same style but it is longer and deeper (39.4 x 16.9 x 7 inches)
  • Comes in 4 different colours


  • Only comes with 1 bin
  • The cover is not see through but that adds a bit more structure if you are wanting to stack them in your closet
  • It is listed as a shoe organizer but does not have separators for them, so they may rub against each other when moving the box around


As mentioned in the beginning of this post, it is important to measure the space under your bed to make sure that the bin will fit properly.  This manufacturer will not accept returns if the item is being returned due to not fitting.  They have provided the dimensions in easy to see locations, so that there is no ambiguity.

#6: COMPONO 2 Pack Under Bed Storage Containers

This set is the largest of the 9 containers and they may be slightly taller than what standard beds will allow.  However, it would only be slightly too tall and the container can squish down, so could likely work if not completely full.  Therefore, it was worth including in the list.

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 42″ x 18″ x 8″ 

Item Weight: 0.5 lbs each

Manufacturer: COMPONO

Material: Premium non-woven material


  • Comes in three different colours
  • Zippered lid on top
  • There are peek through areas on the front of the containers to see what is in them, which may be more effective than the clear top to fully see what is in the containers
  • There are two handles, one on each of the sides
  • Comes with two bins
  • Somewhat large under bed storage, so it can hold a lot


  • Lids are not see-through
  • It would be nice to have a handle on the front as well, as that is often the orientation that they would be pulled out from under the bed
  • The structure isn’t the best


They will puff out to fit whatever you are putting inside.  They will not stack very well unless completely filled with mainly flat items.  These two observations may not be a big deal depending on what you are storing in them.  The containers do not have reinforced sides, which compromises the structure.  It was also noted that despite being larger than the rest, it will not fit most comforters.

#7: Undercover Cubes 3 Under Bed Storage Bins

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 2 containers are 37.4” x 17.7” x 5.9” and 1 container is 18.7” x 17.7” x 5.9”

Item Weight: 0.5 lbs each

Manufacturer: Mill & Mint

Material: Non-woven fabric


  • Since they don’t have any structure, you could fill it with many items and it will form around what is stored inside of it
  • The containers have a clear top with a zipper closure, which keeps the dust out but also allows you to see what is inside
  • They are good quality, have strong handles and should last for a long time 


  • These storage containers do not have a solid shell, like some of the others mentioned in this post
  • It would work best for larger items that will completely fill out the bin, so that the bin doesn’t collapse slightly
  • If not full, it is hard to slide the containers around
  • They can’t easily be stacked if you want to store them on a shelf instead of under your bed.
  • While overall they are good quality, the top part that goes over the bin is thin and can rip easily


These are a similar style to many other under the bed storage units, but may be of lesser quality. The extra bin is a nice bonus and could be used somewhere else in your home!

#8: storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 15.4” x 12.6” x 6”

Item Weight: 3.5 lbs each

Manufacturer: storageLab

Material: Woven polyester

This set comes with two organizers, which are easy to use.  They can be used year round, even for shoes that you may need to access more frequently. 


  • There are shoe separators that can be put at any width apart and are attached with velcro, so you can fit any style of shoe/boot
  • The sides are supportive and have handles so that you can easily pull the unit(s) out from under the bed
  • There is a zippered clear top, which keeps the dust off of your shoes and allows you to see which shoes you have in there
  • The separators can come out completely, so you can store blankets, sweaters, or other items in there instead
  • They are durable and the quality is good
  • They keep their shape and are sturdy, allowing for more ease in moving them under the bed and back out


  • The largest dimension is 15.4”, so the shoe spaces can only fit a shoe length of 7.5 inches, otherwise the shoes will take up two spaces
  • The zipper has given some people issues, but the plastic cover still gives the items inside some protection from dust


These containers were pretty similar to some of the other containers.  The quality is okay but they are smaller overall, so won’t fit as many as items.  The price is also higher than expected for bins of this size.

#9 : Ziz Home Zippered Under Bed Storage Bag 

This under bed storage unit is a bag, which means that it will not be as structured but will make it easier to squeeze in large items, like comforters.  They are low profile bins.

You can purchase these individually or in a set of 2 or set of 3.  If you are wanting more than one bin, the cheapest option is to purchase the set of 3.  For this reason, I chose the set of 3 to review.

Product Details:

Item Dimensions: 39″ x 17″ x 7”

Item Weight: 0.5 lbs each

Manufacturer: Ziz Home

Material: Non-woven fabric


  • The bins are breathable and allow air to move around inside the bin, so the items inside will stay fresh
  • It has a clear top, so it is easy to see what’s inside the bin and keep the dust out
  • The top has a zipper closure, keeping it sealed tight
  • They are a good size and can fit plenty of items


  • There is only one colour option
  • There are handles only on two sides, making it harder to pull the bin out from the front
  • Depending on your flooring type, they may not easily slide under the bed
  • There is no structure to it, but it is labelled as a bag, so this should be expected
  • Could be used to store shoes, but there are no separators to keep the shoes from rubbing together when the bin is being move around
  • Could only be stacked if it is completely full and has mainly flat items
  • The material is very thin, so is easy to rip


This landed in the last position only because it is a bag and the more structured bins seem to be preferred by most people.  However, it does hold a lot of items and may be perfect if you are storing mainly blankets, towels, sweaters and even stuffed animals!

Other Uses For Underbed Storage Units

These storage containers can also be used for storing wrapping paper and other wrapping supplies. 

For kids rooms, they could be used for stuffed animals that aren’t being played with every day or under bed toy storage in general

A place to store your extra purses, hats, mittens, etc…. 

Storing Christmas decorations or other off season decorations. 

You could take them to your trailer or cottage to easily store blankets, comforters, towels, etc….when they are not in use, so that they can be pushed under the bed or couch and not take up valuable space in the tight trailer space.

Other Important Notes When Selecting Underbed Storage Units

There are many choices when looking into bins for underbed storage, but not all options would fit nicely under all beds.  This post was intended to provide a solution for everybody! 

The larger options could be purchased to store items somewhere else in your home, but if your main goal is to use the unused space under your bed, you will want to ensure that you are buying a container that will fit height-wise.

I noticed that there are containers made specifically for storing comforters.  However, I would strongly suggest just buying the Ziploc Space Bags where you use your vacuum to remove the air out of the bag.  These bags can just be pushed under the bed as well and makes it way more compact.  I talk more about these bags in another post.


In order to get the best underbed storage for you, first consider what you are going to be storing in it and what size you will need.  If you are storing mainly blankets, comforters, towels, many stuffed animals, then one with more flexibility would be better. 

If you are storing shoes, hats, smaller clothing items, then you will have a better experience with the more structured bins.

I hope you found this post helpful in choosing your next storage solution!  Under the bed is a location in our home that is easy to forget about, but is a perfect spot for items that aren’t used as often. 

Which underbed storage solution do you like the best?  Leave me a comment!  

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