17 Amazing Benefits of Being Organized at Home

Whether at home, at work, or at the grocery store, being organized can have a very positive effect on your life.

This post will provide 17 benefits of being organized within your home, which will bring you more peace and joy in your life.

1. You Won’t Purchase Duplicates of Items

How many times have you bought more shampoo, or Tylenol, or batteries thinking that you needed more and then realized later that you still had lots?

Every item that comes into the home takes up valuable space in your home and costs money. So buying extra when you don’t need them is wasteful.

Certain items expire, so it is beneficial to keep those items more visible or to the front of a cabinet so that you are using them up before they expire.

Having two Tylenol bottles open makes it more likely that you are just going to waste most of both bottles.

You could have just kept using the one that you already had and would have used it before it expired.

2. Less Inventory to Keep Track Of

Inventory is often thought of in business terms, but even the items in your home can be considered inventory. This includes your food, dishes, blankets, towels, toiletries, books, medication, etc.

If a business didn’t know what they had, it would be easy to take on extra expenses or lose money based on what they think they have or think they need.

They keep detailed spreadsheets and systems to keep track of their valuable assets and items that are needed to keep the business running.

A home should be treated the same, though maybe not quite as detailed.

However, there should be a simple system in place to keep track of the food that you need, when toiletries are getting low, or when clothing is getting worn down or too small for the children.

Knowing approximately when these items will need to be repurchased will allow for better monthly budgeting.

When you are organized, you will be going through your home often to declutter and only keep what you truly need and use. Then you won’t have a lot of extra inventory to keep track of and organize.

3. Less Time Spent Cleaning

The cleaning time will decrease because everything will have a space in your home and therefore will make it easier to put everything away. This means that you will have less to pick up before you can clean the surfaces.

In our house, the biggest issue was the kid’s toys. They liked to play with everything and then just leave it all out. However, this meant that I was spending 30-60 minutes cleaning up and reorganizing their toys before I could even get the carpet to clean.

We now have most of their toys in a playroom, which they are responsible for cleaning up. I provided them with bins and simple cube shelving to make it easy to put everything away on their own.

Not only did this make the home look better, but made it more likely that I would do some deep cleaning because I wasn’t tired from picking up all of the toys.

A home where you can properly get to everything to clean will make for a healthier home. There is less chance of mold growing, dust accumulating, and carpets holding onto pet hair and crumbs.

This will make the air healthier to breathe in and make you feel better overall.

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picking up toys before cleaning

4. You’re more likely to put things back where they belong

If you have set organized spaces in your home for items, it is much easier to put everything away.

Since there is already a defined space for each item or group of items that you consistently have in your home, the items that you are putting away will just fit. There will be no need to move everything around to get to the area or store the items somewhere else in the home.

Without having a defined space, it is easy to just put items wherever they fit or leave them out entirely. Which will create more mess to clean around later and make everything harder to find.

5. No Wasted Time Searching for Things in Your Home

If you don’t have an organized system set up in your home, chances are you are constantly forgetting where you put items and wasting valuable time searching for the items.

Imagine the time you could save if you created spaces for similar items to be contained in the same area. You would know exactly where to put those items when you buy new and then where they need to be put away after being used.

6. Your Stress Level Will Go Down

Not being organized can have a huge impact on your stress levels because you are misplacing items, spending too much time trying to find what you need, and struggling to keep your family schedules organized.

Knowing exactly where to find everything and having a plan each day will lower your stress levels because that pressure is removed from your head and put into action.

Sometimes just writing your thoughts on paper can quickly release the stress from your mind. You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because it’s on paper.

Keeping a notepad visible for your family to see can also help. Particularly if there are to-do items on the list. Then they know what you need help with without having to ask.

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7. Creates More Space in Your Home

If you are only keeping what you love and use frequently, then your home won’t be so cluttered.

Open space makes the home appear larger and more appealing.

This also makes it easier to move around the house, particularly if there are kids running around.

Organized people don’t always feel the need to fill every shelf, drawer, cabinet, or wall in their home.

Empty space allows for more creativity. Plus, if something new comes into the home that doesn’t already have a defined space, there is an available spot where those new items can go.

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8. Your Family Will Be More Organized

Have you ever heard the phrase, “monkey see, monkey do”? If you have kids, when they see you organizing, and putting things back where they belong, they are way more likely to follow suit.

This can also be beneficial for a spouse to see how you like to organize and the spaces that you have created for items.

Getting your spouse to help organize and remind the kids where items go will ensure the home stays peaceful and organized moving forward.

9. Easier to Pick Out an Outfit Each Day

If you are organized, you will likely have a schedule to stay on top of your laundry and ensure that the clothing is put away.

This will make it more likely that you will be able to find the outfit that you want to wear that day, rather than searching through baskets of clothes.

Even better, you may even find it helpful to get outfits out for you and your family the night before, which will save some time in the morning.

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organized home means outfits are easier to find

10. Your Home Will Look More Inviting

It goes without saying that when everything is put away, the home is going to look better.

It won’t look cluttered or messy.

If you have lots of pretty bins, or beautiful shelving, the home will be very inviting and clean-looking.

Your home may even smell better because you will be able to clean more thoroughly when there aren’t random items placed everywhere throughout the home.

11. Your Home Will Be Company Ready

Not everyone cares about this, but for some people, it is incredibly important that their home looks a certain way when people come over.

If you are constantly surrounded by clutter and can’t properly get to everything to clean, the chances of the home always being company ready at any given time is pretty slim.

Creating spaces for everything in your home will make sure that nothing is left on tables, floors, and countertops.

Then a quick vacuum and wipe down each day will make sure that the home looks the way you want if somebody were to stop by.

12. You Won’t Run Out of Food

Being organized can also include weekly meal prep and keeping inventory of the food in your pantry, fridge, and freezer.

If you prepare for the week, you will know exactly what you are getting low on, what types of meals you want to make each day, and therefore can prepare an exact list of what you will need.

This way you won’t be wasting any time running back to the grocery store to pick up the items that you need.

The All Out Of pad from Amazon is great for keeping track of the food that is running low so that you can add it to your next grocery list.

13. You May Get More Sleep

I know it seems kind of crazy that being organized could actually help you sleep, but it’s true!

Think about nights that you go to bed tossing and turning because you are stressed about everything you need to do the next day.

You also won’t be thinking about the big mess that you have to clean up the next day. Or where you left your keys.

Being organized means you will have a plan set up for the next day so that you don’t have to think about it at all and you can sleep soundly.

14. You Won’t Forget Important Appointments and Events

Organized people often have detailed schedules either in a planner, on a physical calendar, or on their phone calendar.

When using these tools properly, you don’t have to keep important dates and appointments in your head.

It’s easy to hear about an appointment and think, oh, I will remember that. But often that detail is only remembered for a short time and then pushed aside because of everything else that comes into our head that day.

So write down appointments and other important dates immediately so there is no chance of forgetting.

15. You Won’t Be Late for Anything Anymore

If you are constantly looking for your keys or your purse, or if the kids are looking for their missing sock or shoe, you will always be late when leaving your home.

Making sure that items that you need to grab quickly when leaving the home are always available at the door, means that you won’t have to search.

Keep some socks, mitts, hats, etc….in a bin at the door (where the kids can’t reach) so that if they lose a sock or can’t find their mitts, you won’t have to search around the house.

If you have a coat closet, the shelf at the top is a great place to store these extra items. Just make sure to put new items in after you have used some of them.

16. You Will Save Money

This is true because you won’t be buying items that you already have somewhere in the home and just forgot about.

You will also only be buying groceries that you need and will use. Nothing will go bad because you have prepared for the week ahead.

Some money may be spent upfront when creating an organization system in your home because you may need some new home organizing products such as bins, shelving, dressers, etc. But once you have a system in place, you won’t need to purchase any new storage solutions for a long time.

pay bills on time, save money

17. Your Bills Will Get Paid on Time

Have you ever paid a bill late because you couldn’t find it?

This is getting even more interesting these days because many bills are online instead. So it’s not even just the physical paperwork that you have to keep track of. Now you need to be organized online too.

However, if you set up a system in your home to write down when the bills are due, either in a planner or on a calendar, then you won’t forget to pay them.

This will save you on late payment charges and interest. Your wallet will thank you!

In Summary

There are many benefits to having an organized home, but the biggest takeaway is the time you save not having to search your home for everything. You will know exactly where to go to get the items and exactly where to put them away.

Creating defined spaces in your home for all similar items is the best way to start getting organized. If you are looking for more information about how often to organize your home, check out my other post.

I hope this post has helped you see that getting your home organized will not only bring you inner peace, but will help you save money, time, and lower your stress levels dramatically.