2021 Digital Planner by Planning with Meg

This 2021 digital planner has everything you will need for a successful year. Keep track of all important dates on the daily, weekly, and monthly pages. Use the notes pages for brain dumps and drawing. Keep track of important contacts and much more. 

What You Will Find in the 2021 Digital Planner by Planning with Meg

Monthly Calendars

Each monthly calendar is a two page spread which is dated and includes a notes section for writing down some quick thoughts for the month.

Monthly calendar spread

Every page has a hyperlink that goes to the monthly page that you select. There are also hyperlinks to go to note sheets, a grocery list, stickers, and a look ahead to 2022.

Daily Pages

The 2021 digital planner comes with daily pages to keep track of your daily to-do list, your water intake, top priorities for the day, and a space to write down what you are grateful for that day.

It is a beautiful memory to be able to look back through the year and see what you were truly grateful for.

Daily plan in the digital planner

To access the daily pages, click on the monthly calendar and then use your digital pen/pencil or your finger on the right side of your screen to move to the next page. All of the daily pages for that month can be accessed by clicking on the right side of the screen.

Weekly Pages

You also have the choice of a vertical or horizontal spread for your weekly view. These pages can be accessed by going to the monthly calendar which contains the week that you want to view and then click on either the vertical or horizontal tab at the top of the calendar page.

Weekly spreads in vertical and horizontal

Each week starts on a Sunday, so for the weekly pages, if the Sunday falls in one month and the remainder of the week is in the next month, you will find that week by going to the month with that Sunday in it.

Additional Features

You have the option of using lined, grid, dot and blank note pages for your note taking and drawing needs.

Note pages in the digital planner

There is a grocery list that includes a column for your frequently purchased items. As well as a column to note the regular price of that grocery item.

Then you can quickly check if the item is in the right price range while standing in the aisle at the grocery store. There is also a checkbox beside each item so that you can mark off when you need to repurchase the item.

Groceries pages

Once a grocery item is purchased, just use the eraser tool to remove the checkmarks. It will only erase the checkmarks and leave the checkboxes intact.

The look ahead to 2022 provides mini calendars for the full year, so that you can easily plan out functions and tasks for the future.

Look ahead to 2022

The stickers page is most easily used if you have a PDF reader with a lasso tool. Then you just have to circle what you want to move and then drag or copy and paste it onto the page and position where you want it.

There is also a contacts page to keep track of all important contacts. Friends, family, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, whoever you need to quickly look up.

Contacts page in the digital planner

Since you can download the PDF readers on your phone, you can even quickly pull up the digital calendar on your phone to view your appointments, tasks, contacts, groceries, etc.

Where to Purchase the 2021 Digital Planner

This beautiful planner can be purchased on Etsy for a great price. Go check it out here!

Keep in mind that this product is intended for personal use only. You may not resell or share it in whole or in part.

The digital planner can be used in any popular PDF reader program. Some great options are GoodNotes, Xodo, Notability, and Noteshelf, but there are many others to choose from. Both free and paid. There are also different options based on whether you use Apple products or Android products.

Digital planners work best with a digital pen or pencil. However, if you don’t have one, you can also select the text tool in your PDF reader app and just type in what you want.

Why a Digital Planner Instead of a Paper Planner?

Digital planners are actually very similar to paper planners, in that you can access your calendar pages, daily spread, and weekly spread and write down your tasks, appointments, priorities.

However, with a digital planner, you just need to download an app to use the planner and then easily take it along with you. It won’t take up any extra space in your purse and is quick to access.

Paper planners are great but take up more space and often take longer to find what you are looking for. Where a digital planner all you have to do is click on a hyperlink to take you exactly where you want to go within the planner.

It is nice to be able to physically write in a paper planner and be able to use a real pen to scratch out what you have completed. Digital planners can actually feel much the same.

If you have a digital pencil, you can still scratch out tasks as you complete them. Easily write down what you want to keep track of. You can also erase mistakes just like you would in a paper planner.

To Summarize

The main features you will find in this beautiful planner:

  • Dated calendar for 2021 (January 2021-December 2021 with Sunday start)
  • Each page includes hyperlinks to the monthly calendar spreads
  • The monthly calendar spreads include hyperlinks to both the vertical weekly and horizontal weekly spreads
  • Daily pages with a to-do list, a notes section, water intake, daily gratitude, and daily priority list
  • Grocery list to create a master list of the year (item, price, and checkbox)
  • 2022 Look Ahead mini calendar page
  • Contacts pages
  • Notes pages (Lined, Blank, Grid & Dots)

I hope you enjoy your new digital planner!

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